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Deltech was established in 2016. It is the new face of the welding machine manufacturer DEL. We have established ourselves as a successful brand for many years. Our machines are of high quality. Numerous additional functions and modules are built-in, which greatly facilitate the welding process as well as the work with the machines itself.

We offer, inverter welding machines, wire feeders, plasma cutting machines, argon machines and also consumables at competitive prices.

The company provides repair, service and maintenance of all types of welding equipment.

To place an order, you can contact us by email deltech@abv.bg or phone 0898 525 179 and 0883383773, or email us on the contact form.

In Bulgaria we deliver with Ekont. Customer pays the delivery cost. For outside Bulgaria it depends on the country. We can use Bulgarian POST. Delivery cost is between 4 and 6 Euro but delivery time is up to 10 working days.

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Why work
with us?

We'll help you choose the right device for your needs, and the right doesn't always mean the most expensive.

We always strive to select and inspect the components of our devices so that we can safely guarantee their quality and reliability.

We are constantly developing and adding new modes and features to make work easier and improve quality in the welding process.

And last but not least, we strive to keep every customer happy. When the customer is happy and we are happy with what we do and we continue to develop and build on our products.


Deltech provides service
of the following product brands

Deltech services all types and models of welding machines. Each repair is carried out after an initial diagnosis and agreed price with the customer.